1. Caleb // Oklahoma City Senior

    I met Caleb as he was entering high school as freshman. It’s crazy to see him as this 6’ feet tall valedictorian hipster. Caleb wanted his pictures to look to be different want a normal senior picture looks like & this is what we came up with. I couldn’t be more happy with the results.

  2.  Kynthia

    This shoot was done in Tulsa, which was a first for me. Kynthia was fun to shoot she knew everything she wanted to do. Plus it was awesome to explore downtown Tulsa.

  3. Rhodes Siblings:

    The Rhodes siblings were fun to shoot there was nothing but laughs the whole time. I have to say I’m so happy with the way the photos turned out. I couldn’t wait to upload them. Enjoy.

  4. Brittany:

    Is a very pretty girl! It was hard for me to choose the final shots to use. From beginning to end I had a blast with her. I experimented with a lot of color during and after the shoot. I have to say I am nothing but pleased. :)

  5. Miller Siblings:

    There is something about shooting siblings. The Miller siblings wanted to surprise their mother with new pictures. They haven’t taken pictures since they were kids! Well we had a quick shoot but in that small period time there wasn’t a moment were I didn’t laugh.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Sports:

    One of my major career goals is to become a sports photographer. Here are some of my best shots from the fall sports of Southern Nazarene University.

  7. Lori:

    A senior was fun and easy going to shoot. The best part about the shoot was while driving around we found a cool wall with splattered red and white paint. It was jam packed with nothing but awesome fall colors.

  8. Allie & Victoria:

    I go to school with these sisters and let me just tell you they are the craziest, funniest, and talented pair of people. There was never a dull moment with the two. And we got great shots for their mom’s birthday present. Happy Birthday Mrs. Oakes!

  9. Janette & Corrin:

    Janette is the girlfriend of one of my really good friends John. Cute right they have J names. Anyways her best friend came into town from Canada! Here one of the best shots of the day. There space women!

  10. Stephan & Brandy Wedding:

    My first wedding! The day finally came and here are the photos to prove it! :)